Commissioned Artist


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‘Blossom’ girls shoes



‘Fairy’ baby shoes



‘Meadow’ girls shoes



‘Super’ girls shoes



Bridal peach bouquet wedding collection – ‘Something blue’ bows on heels


‘Art Noveau’ wedding collection – Matching bridal party


Ballerina ballet shoes


Bouquet bridal shoes – These were matched to the brides’ actual bouquet


‘Flower fairy’ girls occasion shoes


Vintage girls occasion shoes


‘Beatrix Potter’ Girls personalised Christening shoes


‘Beatrix Potter’ boys personalised christening trainers


‘Little Mermaid’ Disney flat shoes


‘Beauty and the Beast’ Shoes


‘Alice’ outline shoes



‘Mary Poppins’ shoes



‘Star Wars’ theme shoes


‘Doctor Who’/’Star Wars’ themed wedding shoes – The Bride was able to embrace the Grooms’ favourites without having a themed wedding



‘Strictly Come Dancing’ shoes



‘My neighbour Toronto’ themed shoes


‘Alice’ traditional coloured shoes


‘Alice’ pastel bridal shoes



‘Wall-E’ Disney bridal shoes



Disney inspired Vans